Learn How to Clean Your Windows Simply and Effectively

Window washing may seem like a futile effort, especially if you live in an area with a lot of pollution – the windows just get dirty again very quickly. However, it is important to keep your windows clean. Aside from making your home looking really untidy and unkempt, dirty windows are also not great for your air quality – the dust and allergens accumulating on the dirty windows.

Window washing experts at Blue Skies share their tips on how to keep your windows clean without expending too much energy.

Be Ready Before Your Start

Here’s an important tip for doing anything, not just washing your windows – don’t start until you’re sure you have everything you need to complete the task. This is a psychological trick to prepare yourself for a task you don’t really want to do.

When it comes to window washing, that means that you need to prepare all of the detergents, cleaning supplies like cloths, a squeegee, and plenty of water. If you have to stop in the middle of cleaning to go buy a window cleaner, or a squeegee. Compelling yourself to continue once you’ve made a break can be a challenge.

You’re Washing the Whole Window

Cleaning your windows starts before you clean the glass panes – and this should be the order you should stick to. Clean the sill and the casing with a damp cloth and mild detergent, especially if your windows are made of wood. Remove all of the dust, cobwebs and the rest of the debris around the windows and between the window panes by vacuuming the whole area.

More importantly, though, make sure to clean the blinds. Blinds tend to be a dust magnet, so if you don’t clean them beforehand, chances are that your efforts will be quickly undone. You can vacuum the blinds as well, seeing how they are fairly easy to clean and not overly delicate.

Tools Are Important

Like with many other things, using the right tools can help you achieve your window washing goals much faster and probably much better too. Your primary tool is going to be a squeegee, like you’ve probably seen professional window washers use – it’s because they work.

As for your cleaning supplies, what works best is a bucket of warm water with some regular dish soap in it. You don’t need much, maybe a spoonful. Apply the warm, soapy water onto the window and remove it with a squeegee. Repeat until all of your windows are clean and sparkling.

Thanks to the squeegee, chances are that it will be very quickly, even if you have a lot of glass surfaces (or even one of those glass windows overlooking your backyard deck).

What About Smudges?

A squeegee is ideal for large surfaces and quick work. However, what do you do if you need a detailed approach to some tricky areas or particularly dirty windows? Well, it’s pretty simple, all you need is a window washer and a special cloth.

If you wear glasses, you’re most likely familiar with the eyeglass cloth. However, those are pretty small and wouldn’t be suited for washing windows. Fortunately, there are bigger versions of the same cloth – perfectly suited to give your windows that extra shine.

The best part is – you don’t really need too much effort and you only need a bit of water to get the shine really going.

Washing your windows can be a breeze if you just apply these simple tricks. After that, all you will need to do is figure out what to do with all the extra free time you will have now.

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