How to Prevent Overheating While Cleaning in the Summer

Regardless how high the outside temperatures might get, the chores still need to be done. However, it is really important to stay cool while doing them, because your health is definitely in the first place. Even though house cleaning is mostly not an outdoor activity, thus sparing of you of the direct sun, it can still be way more tiring and demanding when done in high temperatures.

Whether you clean your home yourself, or you hire someone to do that for you, it is always important to provide all the conditions for the smooth and safe cleaning. Here are some things you should pay attention to in order to be protected from the hazard of overheating while doing this physically demanding task, as shared with us by cleaning pros at Castle Keepers Greenville.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of water is a must in the summer whatever you are doing, but it becomes even more significant when you are under a physical strain such as cleaning. So, make sure you always have some refreshing non-alcoholic drink at hand.

Water is always the best choice, of course. Just like an air conditioner, your body needs plenty of water to keep you cool, since it does so by sweating. So the water supply needs to be constantly replenished, meaning you should drink some water before you start cleaning, drink it regularly while doing the job, and finally drinking some more once you’re finally done with it.

Choose Adequate Clothes and Footwear

When choosing clothes for cleaning, we will certainly opt for something comfortable, and old, but we should also pay attention that it is something which will not make us get even hotter. The choice is fabrics is crucial, so make sure you wear some breathable materials such as linen, rayon or cotton.

Cotton, however, may soak the sweat too much, and not provide the most pleasant feeling. If you do choose it, you might want to have some spare clothes to change to at hand. Also, opting for a moisture-wicking fabrics can be a good alternative. When it comes to choosing footwear, the same rule applies.

If it does not jeopardize the safety, choose shoes made of breathable materials and make sure your feet get enough air. Besides fabrics, colors are also important, so despite normally not working outdoors, you should still go with the light colors which do not absorb the light and heat.

Leave Air Circulating

Many cleaning agents create fumes which are not pleasant to breathe in, and can even be toxic for us. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have the windows and doors opened for air circulation.

Even though it might be hot outside, withstanding some heat is better than poisoning yourself with cleaning agent fumes. Naturally, if your AC has the capability to actually exchange air rather than just recirculate and cool down existing air, you can get the best of both worlds.

Stay Away from Caffeine

You might seem to need some fuel in the morning before you start cleaning, and a cup of coffee might seem just what you need, but keep in mind it might not be so beneficial for your body once you start the physical exert. The same goes for teas with caffeine, as well as sodas which contain both caffeine and sugar.

Caffeine has mild diuretic effect, and on their own caffeinated drinks will hardly cause dehydration. However, when paired with a significant physical effort such as cleaning, they might actually lead to dehydration and eventually overheating, since your body will find it much harder to keep the water it actually needs in order to keep you cool.

So, as already mentioned, water is always the best choice. Lemonade and sports beverages which contain electrolytes are also acceptable, just make sure there is no sugar involved, since it also negatively affects quality hydration.

With these tips, you’re poised to clean your home even in this heat with minimal compromises.

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