Great Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

A organized kitchen is a happy kitchen, but it’s also one of the easiest rooms in the house to let get out of hand from a disorganization standpoint. 

Whether you are someone who loves to cook or are just someone who heads to the kitchen to grab some utensils to eat your latest box of takeout, it helps to have a kitchen that is clean, efficient, and fun to be in. 

So what are some great ways to organize your kitchen cabinets? Keep reading to find out! 

Clean up your cleaning supplies 

This certainly is not a sexy way to start, but it is important. A lot of people tend to use their cleaning supplies in the kitchen often and simply put them in an easy-to-reach place. Even if that’s multiple different places around the kitchen. 

One great way to organize your cleaning supplies is to put all the big bottles somewhere low and all the small spray bottles somewhere easy to reach. That will make sure that you can easily get what you regularly need and also makes sure that the big bottles that you don’t typically need are out of the way for the most part. 

Color coordinate

Truth is, a kitchen is always going to have a bit of clutter. That clutter looks a lot cuter when it is color coordinated. Rearrange your stuff so it looks cute and calming whenever you open a given cabinet. 

Corral your canned goods 

Canned goods are useful and important, especially if you live in an area at-risk for earthquakes, floods, tornadoes or other natural disasters. That being said, they can take up a ton of space if you don’t organize them correctly. 

One nice LPT is to use a metal mesh magazine rack and stack cans on their side all the way up. One for soup, one for beans and corn, etc. etc. etc.!

Hang up a cork board inside your cabinet 

A smart way to make sure that you aren’t forgetting important meetings and events is to hang a corkboard inside a cabinet that you open on a daily basis. It’s also quite cute! You can hang nice messages, phone numbers and more. 

Add pop-up shelves 

Pop-up shelves increase the space that you can use by optimizing the space that you have in your cabinets. Of course, you’ll want to use pop-up shelves only with things that sit horizontally such as dishes, cups, and more. 

Add a pull-out drawer

It can be hard to find a place for oddly shaped items such as cutting boards, baking sheets, and other similarly shaped items. One great way to make them easily accessible and save space is to create a pull-out drawer. They’re super easy to install on your own, or you could always call your favorite handyman over to make quick work of the job. 

Use small bins and jars 

One of the easiest ways to reduce the organization of a kitchen is to have all the little doo-hickies lying around in different cabinets all over the place. Instead of doing that, buy a number of mason jars, bins, and other cute storage receptacles to put everything small in.  

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