Tips to Make Your Room look Bigger

Your home speaks volumes about your style. The essence of your room should match your taste. Modern living believes in minimalism. A room should not have too many things that the very purpose of the room is lost. These days everybody lives in small living spaces. The houses are designed that way. 

Having small rooms has absolutely nothing to do with chic décor. You can turn your room around in many ways. You can even make it look bigger. You need to have a vision and aesthetic sense to re-decorate your room so that it looks spacious in spite of the area being small.

The way you place your furniture and other furnishing items can totally change the entire look of your room. You don’t have to get rid of your favorite piece of furniture or get any kind of professional help to make your room look bigger.

However, before you start with the rearranging and refurnishing, it is important that you de-clutter. Unnecessary things only make the room look shabby. You think you need them, but are of no use and importance. You need to get rid of things that are just piling up and not making any sense. Even if you have a big room, clutter will make it look dingier and smaller. You would be surprised to see the space once your room is clutter-free.

Here a few ideas to make your room look bigger

1. Paint the room white

Shades of white make a room look bigger. Paint the walls of the room white and keep the flooring of the room also towards white or any light shade. Once the walls are white, you can hang or place an art work or photograph with darker frame easily. 

If whites don’t please you, then go for pastel or light colored wallpapers. They will also give a nice and a bigger appeal to the room.

2. Brighten the room

If you have sunlight entering your room, you are lucky. Don’t block the light with dark drapes and shades. The brighter the room, the bigger it will look. Use light colored curtains instead of dark.

If you do want to block the light during day time, install window shades which can be used whenever you want to dim the brightness of the room.  If you happen to have less natural light entering your room, hang a medium-sized mirror on your wall, artistically.

3. Aesthetically design your room

Your bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be just a room with beds and a wardrobe. There can be a lounging area within the room or a small reading corner right in your small room. Having all these elements in one room will definitely make you room look and feel congested. 

Use rugs to create divisions. You can have a rug for your sitting area, you can use a rug that highlights your bedroom area. Play with colors and fabrics. If you are using a couch then place an ottoman along with it. It can be used as a tiny coffee table as well. This is saving space and is useful in many ways. You can hang posters around that area to give it a separate vibe. 

4. Get creative with furnishing

If you don’t like heavy furniture lined up in a small room, then ditch them. Use a good piece of furniture and have a lot of big cushions and plush, soft rugs placed to have a cozy seating area. You can buy tiny coffee tables so that it fits your miniature setting. Instead of placing huge book shelves, you can stack them up near a tall lamp. Instead of one big center table, get small side tables. 

5. Give it a big look.

Try to decorate your room with big things. You can hang a big clock on the walls or have a wallpaper with big prints on them. Try installing your curtains and drapes just a few inches shorter than your entire wall.Long, flowing curtains will definitely make your room look bigger. You can also hang one large piece of art on the wall. Small art works can make the room look cluttered.

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