5 Reasons You Need to Stage Your House

Staging homes has become a highly popular way to boost house sales in recent years.  Over 28% of sellers in 2019 said their real estate agents staged their homes before listing the property for sale.  This number is rising, with more people seeing its merit: but why is it so popular?

These are the top five reasons anyone should stage their home and what it does for them.

Your Home Will Sell Faster

Houses that are staged sell faster than their unstaged counterparts.  Over 95% of staged homes sell in eleven days or less.  This number can seem impossible to homeowners who have had their houses on the market for months on end, but it’s clear where the numbers lead.  The homes sell faster because they’re suddenly far more aesthetically pleasing and can transform the house into whatever the buyer wants to see.

You Can Still Use Your Furniture Elsewhere

Instead of staging the home with your furniture to fill it out, hiring a staging company allows for them to take over the work and fill the property.  This will enable you to use your furniture elsewhere and not worry about living in the home while people are trying to have walkthroughs and viewings.  Although some people stage with their furniture, this is only something that should be attempted if your pieces are up to date and help with the home’s flow.

You Can Ask for More Money

Staged homes sell for more money!  According to Forbes, a staged home will sell for around 17% more than its non-staged counterparts.  Although it isn’t free to stage homes, this is a larger return on investment than most home updates you can do.  This number alone is enough to convince many people to move forward with the plan.

People Will Be Able To Picture Themselves in the Home

It’s hard to picture yourself in a home when all of the walls have photos of the previous occupants, and the furniture is all someone else’s very specific aesthetic.  Although there are people who can look past this, the bias is subconscious and uncontrollable for most people.  If you want someone to look at your home as the best out of the Calgary homes for sale, you have to allow for it to become a blank canvas they’ll want to paint their lives onto.

You Can Guide Buyers’ Eyes

Everyone thinks they can spot an optical illusion, but a lot of staging is just magic under the guise of interior design.  Please pay attention to how the layout of a room can change how people interact with it and what furniture draws their eyes to.  Tall curtains can make a ceiling feel higher, and placing furniture six inches away from walls can give the illusion that rooms are larger than they are.

Staging is a lot like contouring in makeup.  It can’t make your home into an entirely different property, but it can help people see what you want them to see when they’re looking at it.

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