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Crow Creek Designs is Jess Crow’s brainchild whereby she seeks to build a community around woodworking and art. Jess, an Alaskan woman, possesses impeccable skills in woodworking and art. This has earned her a solid reputation far and wide.  She has impressed many with her style of furniture in which she uses vibrant colors and patterns inspired by nature and the beauty of the wood canvas she uses to make her products.

Crow Creek Designs offer a wide range of artwork and beautiful designs.  Here are some of the products you’ll find at Crow Creek Designs.

Orca whale resin painting

This marine life inspired tabletop from Crow Creek Designs allows you to add animal-themed décor in your home. The meticulous and intricate detailing of marine life makes the Orca whale resin painting an artistic piece. The stylish killer whale calf art portrayed in the snow globe is sure to dazzle your guests. This tabletop centerpiece is versatile and can be displayed at home, cafes, and other commercial spaces. The handcrafted painting makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves pieces of art.

Signature ‘Wave’ Charcuterie Board

The charcuterie board is a beautiful way to serve your favorite foods. Measuring 12 inches long, this board from Crow Creek Designs is masterfully crafted from organically harvested birch; hence, it’s an eco-friendly product. With its artistic inlaid designs that run its length, the board is sure to provide a stunning display. Unlike other types of boards, this one is easy to clean with a simple wipe with a damp cloth or a hand wash. Another benefit of this board is that it lasts long and does not damage knives. Whether for Mother’s Day, housewarming, birthday, or wedding, the signature ‘wave’ charcuterie board will be cherished.

Turtle Resin Painting

Measuring 24 inches long and 24 inches wide, nature enthusiasts will enjoy this piece of art with the assorted turtle figurine. Made with high-quality and durable resin, this painting delivers a unique and attractive display.  The elegant sea turtle design and beautiful finish of this painting make it a stylish coastal addition to any shelf or tabletop in your home.

Turbulence Orca Resin Painting

This piece of art exudes originality as it is handcrafted using durable yet lightweight birch and resin. The painting is ideal for just about any space due to its versatility.

Northern Lights Coaster Set

This set of 4 custom metal “Northern Lights” coasters are unique decorative pieces for your home. The coasters come in an attractive finish and vibrant tones, allowing you to add a new touch to your space. The mystic beauty of this collection makes each piece a unique gift.

Geodesic wine glass holder

Made from natural wood and resin, this wine glass holder helps you de-clutter your kitchen space. It features a functional design that easily matches with any kitchen décor.

Live Edge Slab Coastline

This 2-inch thick live edge birch slab adds a simplistic yet chic element of nature to your space. Crow Creek Designs carefully selected this Alaskan birch slab due to its mystic beauty.  The piece of art is available in many styles, colors, and coastlines.

Other pieces of art available at Crow Creek Designs include aurora ornaments, wall art, whale resin painting, and many more.

Alaskan woman building a community around woodworking and art.

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