4 Tips for Re-Organizing Your Bathroom

If you’re looking for practical ways to re-organize your bathroom, your best option is to outfit it with well-thought-out fixtures. While an entire bathroom overhaul isn’t always necessary, adding cabinetry and vanities with lots of drawer space and adequate counter space can make organization a breeze.

The name of the game in organizing is adequate storage space. While there are obvious places for bathroom organization, there are overlooked spaces that you should consider. Check out some great tips for re-organizing and decluttering your bathroom.

Add a Spacious Vanity

Even if you’re not planning a complete bathroom renovation, updating your vanity to include improved storage may allay your organizational woes. While built-in vanities are best left to professional contractors, there are a variety of stand-alone versions at varying price points that you can buy and install yourself. Best of all, wholesale bathroom vanities can be delivered ready-to-assemble (RTA) or completely assembled for ease of installation.

The value of adequate storage space can’t be overstated. The vanity is the most obvious and typically the largest storage space in a bathroom. Depending on your storage needs, choosing a vanity with a combination of drawer and cabinet space is ideal. Alternatively, you could also install ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets. Vanity drawers are the perfect place to conceal small toiletries, hairbrushes and hygiene products. Likewise, cabinet space is a great spot for taller products such as cleaning supplies or hairspray. Don’t forget about the storage space required for electronics such as hair irons, hair dryers and razors; these can be well-organized in cabinets too.

Purge the Clutter

It doesn’t make sense to organize products you no longer use, so once you’ve decided on your new vanity, it’s time to declutter the mess. Carefully sift through old products, those that you no longer or infrequently use, expired items and empties. If you find it difficult to part with products, consider challenging yourself. A timed or numbered challenge is a fun way to purge your bathroom; set a timer for 15 minutes or set a goal for the number of products you’d like to dispose of.

As you purge your bathroom’s clutter, sort items into piles of keepers, trash, donatable and those to be relocated. Sorted piles will help you visualize the space you’ll require for keepers and make it easier to dump products you no longer need or use and relocate those that are better stored elsewhere in your home. Once you’ve purged and are left with just the keepers, sort that pile into item type (makeup, hygiene, cleaning, etc.); doing so will prepare you for storing these items.

Use Drawer Dividers and Storage Containers

Take your bathroom vanity organization one step further by adding dividers and storage containers to your drawers and cabinets. Well-placed dividers in your vanity drawers can take them from catchalls to sorted, organized and beautiful homes for all your beauty and hygiene products. Whether you go for custom dividers that are made to fit your drawers perfectly or adjustable ones that can be calibrated to fit any space, dividers are simple hacks for organizational mastery.

Another simple organizational hack is to incorporate acrylic containers into your vanity. These can be purchased in various sizes and labeled. Labels might include makeup, dental, skincare and nail care, to name a few. Acrylic containers are a great solution for bathroom organization because they can be easily washed clean. Moreover, you can add even more storage space to your cabinets and countertops by adding risers with or without drawers.

Acrylic containers come in many different colors and size configurations, so chances are you’ll be able to find one that matches your bathroom decor. Plus, if you don’t find a unit you like, you can always purchase several smaller ones to use in combination for the perfect organization solution.

It’s not just about organizing, either—containers can help keep your bathroom clean. If you forget to screw your toner’s cap on all the way, for example, acrylic containers catch the mess instead of letting it spill out all over your countertops or vinyl plank flooring.

Use Cabinet Doors for Extra Storage Space

One of the most commonly overlooked storage spaces in your bathroom is the back of cabinet doors. You can add a remarkable amount of storage space to your bathroom by utilizing the inside of cabinet doors. There are a variety of ways to add storage to doors, including over-the-door organizers as well as hooks and mounted mini shelves.

From small organizers for toothbrushes to large ones for hair dryers and curling irons, the options are limitless for adding storage to the inside of doors. When shopping for your new vanity, you can also consider RTA cabinets that make it easy to boost your organization space. Other ways to utilize door space are with adhesive-style hooks and containers that won’t damage doors.

The Bottom Line in Bathroom Organization

Being one of the smallest yet most-used spaces in your home means that it’s easy to amass clutter and disorganization in the bathroom. Whether you’re planning a total renovation or just looking for some organizational pointers, the above-referenced tips can help you get your act together. You can make the best use of your vanity by adding organizational containers, racks, and shelves and utilizing the inside of cabinet doors. Doing so inevitably keeps your bathroom neat and clean.

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