8 Common Cleaning Mistakes That can Make Your Home Dirtier

Do you know the key to ensuring that your house is always clean? It is not your cleaning tools and products. Instead, the secret lies with how efficient and effective you are when cleaning your home.

That said, here are eight common cleaning mistakes you should avoid:

Spraying cleaner directly on a surface

Thanks to uninformed TV commercials, we often think that spraying a cleaner straight on a surface is the proper way to do it. What you don’t know is that doing so can cause solution buildup on the surface you’re cleaning. This can make your furniture greasy or leave streaks on the mirrors and windows.

Using the same rag in multiple spots

Just because you’re cleaning away dirt doesn’t mean that you use the same rag over and over again. A common reason for doing this is because it’s all dirt anyway, or sometimes, it’s just out of laziness. However, it’s not ideal to use the same rag to clean multiple spots or areas in your home.

What you can do is limit the use of one rag to one room. If a room is filthy, you might need to replace that rag more often before moving on to the next room. That way, you aren’t spreading around the dirt you gathered from one space onto the next room you clean.

Using bleach to remove mold

When dealing with mold and mildew, we would first grab a strong chemical like bleach to remove it. Some cleaning products aren’t mold removers per se but claim to remove mold only because they contain bleach. Instead of killing the mold, you’re simply making it invisible.

You might kill off the surface mold, but there is still mold underneath it that’s unseen. Get a mold remover from a reputable brand instead of using bleach to remove mold in your home. Better yet, you can always use vinegar, a household staple, to remove the mold for you since it’s more effective when you use it on a porous material.

Storing a wet toilet brush

After cleaning your toilet, it would be ideal to wash your toilet brush. However, do not put it back in its holder immediately. Otherwise, the holder will accumulate stagnant water, which can lead to other dirt buildups.

This means that the next time you use your toilet brush, you will be spreading water-borne and disease-causing bacteria in the toilet—something you do not want to happen.

What you can do instead is hang your toilet brush dry before putting it back to the holder. That way, you ensure that the brush is clean and is less likely to become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Using dirty sponge

You’re probably not replacing your kitchen sponges as often as you should be. However, it would be best to replace your kitchen sponge once every two weeks. If you have a large family, replace your sponge once a week.

Some households only replace their sponges once they’re torn. What you don’t know is that the buildup of bacterial growth on the sponges suggests that it’s best to replace them every other week instead.

Overloading the dishwasher

If you like to “save time” by overloading the dishwasher, then you might be compromising the cleanliness of your dishes and utensils. An overloaded dishwasher will be harder to clean because of the harder-to-reach areas.

That’s why you should only put in enough of your dishes as indicated by the machine and not anymore.

Not cleaning the vacuum

The vacuum filter needs changing too. If you have been neglecting it for a while, you might notice a performance decline in your vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you should make sure that you remember to replace the vacuum filter every so often. It would be best if your vacuum filters once every three to six months.

Cleaning from the ground up

According to Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services NYC, if you’re going to be deep cleaning a room, make sure that you don’t start from the ground up. It might be easier to do this step because the ones nearest to the bottom are the easiest to clean.

However, doing this can add more cleaning work for you in the end.

Dust and debris can fall when you’re cleaning the higher spots in a room. That means that if you’ve cleaned the areas near the ground first, then the debris and dirt will land there.

You will only push yourself to repeat sweeping the floor. That’s why making sure that you start from the highest parts first will be more efficient.

It’s much more essential to learn how to work smarter, not harder. That’s why when you’re cleaning your home, ensure that you’re not committing any of these eight common cleaning mistakes that make your home dirtier. That way, you don’t waste time, effort, and resources.

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