Finding The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Split System Air Conditioner

If you are about to buy an Air Conditioner for your home or office the first thing that you will have to decide on is whether you intend to buy a split system air conditioner or a single unit window AC. These are two of the basic models within each type of air conditioner. However, if you look around you and visit offices or homes of your relatives and friends you will find that the split system air conditioner is way more in use than the window ACs.

You might wonder why… obviously there needs to be some big advantages of using a split type AC over a window AC or else they would not be so widely used. And indeed there are…in this article we bring to you the advantages of installing a split type air conditioner. But like there is a flip side to a coin there are also some disadvantages to a split type AC that we have discussed below.

The bright side first…

Let’s begin by looking at the advantages of a split system air conditioner first…

Less noise

If you compare both the split type and window ACs while in operation you must have noticed that there is a wide difference in the amount of noise that is produced. Of course, the window ACs are more traditional models of air conditioners and these produce way more noise than the split type AC and this is because you see the air being blown out of the outdoor unit is installed in the outdoors away from the indoor unit, therefore, causing much less sound when in operation.

Adding up to the home décor

The window-type ACs may look smaller and compact but the ugly side is that they will block off at least one window depending on the size of the air conditioners. But even then the latest models of a split system air conditioner are sleek and modern in design and give a touch of class and elegance to our room décor.  Moreover, the split-type ACs are installed much higher on the walls and do not block our view generally and as they are installed pretty high up they can evenly cool the rooms way better than the window ACs.

More versatile

The split system air conditioner do not need much ductwork as the window ACs. There is also no mandatory thing to install them right next to the windows. The split-type air conditioners just need to have one hole in the wall that connects the internal unit and the external unit with copper coils and tubes.

Additional features

If you check out the functionalities then you will find that a split system air conditioner has way more features to it than a window type AC. These include smart temperature control mode or a mode that kills bacteria and viruses and even controls the humidity along with adjusting the conditions of the room based on the weather conditions outside.

The cons of a split type AC

Let’s know about some disadvantages that you might face with a split system air conditioner.

Location of installation

Of course, there is a maximum limit to which the indoor and the outdoor units can be separated with. This distance is less than 20 to 30 meters generally but on most occasions, this is more than enough. So you will need to ensure that both the units are close by which may come in the way you want to install the split system air conditioner.

Outdoor unit causing noise

Although the indoor unit does not cause any sound the external or outdoor unit will certainly cause noise as the hot air from the room evacuates through this unit. This generally causes noise and if you live in a highly-populated zone with packed buildings next to each other then you might get a few complaints from your neighbors of high noise.


With the help of these basic pros and cons of using split air conditioner, you will be able to make some decisions and if you have any further queries you can always contact the customer service of the brand you have shortlisted.

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